Why do they pop up after more than a year?

Why do they pop up after more than a year?

What makes a narcissist pop up after more than a year of absolutely NO contact and start trying to stir trouble again? my fiancée’s ex has started up again. On me this time. Best as we can tell, her goal is to 1) make people think I’m stalking her and 2) she seems pretty intent in convincing people that I’m crazy and imagine things she does.

We know she’s still been creeping all this time. One of her daughter’s got a message to me to block certain Facebook pages when we posted our engagement. Evidently the ex wife lost her mind over that. But even then, she didn’t try to start trouble directly with us. But all of a sudden, last week, she’s literally stalking our house and posting about it on Facebook. She’s used my reaction to seeing her in my neighbourhood (When she lives over an hour away) as an opening to start stirring shit again and I’m still wondering why the heck she crawled out of her hole again.


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  1. My son has been in a relationship with a woman who has treated him & my family so badly I can’t see how he stays with her . He is a gentle loving soul who would do anything for others . He married this woman after just a couple of years . I was so upset because I could see how selfish and controlling she was . She is never wrong and would never apologise for her ranting and at times it was done in front of other people , the belittling and arguments, the silent treatment and everything was her way or not at all . She drinks a lot even now that they have 2 children . My son was ready to end it before they married and wanted her to get counseling which went down like a lead balloon , as she explained there was nothing wrong with her . Even her family know there is something wrong with her and has said to my son they can’t say anything to her through fear of her reaction but wants him to address it with her . He confided in a friend that she is abusive towards him , both physical & emotional and the only time she is affectionate is only on her terms . When I visit my son she never says hello but will briefly say hi if I say the first word. She speaks and treats him at times I’m there with such contempt and will storm out of the room should he reply in his defence about the meanial things it’s heartbreaking . My son & I have always had a very close relationship & he could talk to me about anything until she threatened him to stop . My granddaughter at the age of 18 months hits and punches me out of no where, she slams cupboard doors and throws things at you . It makes me so uncomfortable when she ignores me when I visit my son & grandchildren , when I leave all I can do is cry it’s so painful to endure yet if her family or a friend arrives she’s a totally different person and puts on a happy face and acts completely the opposite .
    If my son disagrees with her about anything she goes into a argumentative rage then storms out & is silent towards him . She tells everyone when she’s sick & how she’s the one that has to get up at night and how he never does anything yet my son works up to 12 hour days , he baths the children , does washing , dishes, housework and gets up to the children through the night. etc but never gives him any credit just put downs of him to anyone that will listen to her . If she’s unwell he looks after her & the kids does anything he can but when he is sick and still works she doesn’t care at all and still expects him to do all the things she claims he doesn’t do . I’ve heard & seeni it first hand . I feel the only reason my son stays with her is for his children , he has said to his little ones how much he loves them & his cuddles & how it makes his day , the biggest part of affection comes from his children .

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