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  1. No. Mine did but over a little bit of time her words and actions reverted back to before …albeit a little more slyly … she learned to try and cover her tracks better but I was more informed at that point

    1. They never admit being wrong. Even feeble attempts at admitting wrong, they qualify it with “I am only human” or “everyone makes mistakes”. Then they turn on the guilt trip. “ you have to forgive me”. “You will carry this shame to your grave” (the shame being not speaking to her or defending myself.)

  2. No …she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her. It’s the other people who are peculiar, or liars, or “something is wrong with them” …or any other demeaning description. You couldn’t even start a conversation about that in the first place.

  3. No, my Mother has never accepted any responsibility for the things that she has said and done over the years. Her brother once said to me that he didn’t know whether she was bad or just mad. That sums her up. I have spent most of my life being her scapegoat or punch bag. I saw a psychologist for over three years trying to make sense of everything. From the age of twelve she would routinely tell me that I was not right in the head. She ceased any physical contact from the age of two and ruined my wedding and the births of my two children. I was not told of my brother’s wedding. I found out four years later and she did not tell me my Father had died. When I confronted her about it she screamed at me calling me a bitch in a shopping centre. I am now fifty eight years old and emotionally damaged, physically I am ill. I do not know how to deal with this. How to move on. The man I married was also a narcissist. I knew they were similar but only later did the penny drop and I realised what they were. I would even go as far as saying they are psychopaths. They do not feel remorse. They do not care about anyone. I think my Mother enjoys inflicting the pain. When my Father died a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I am hoping the same will happen when she passes. Ironically she classes herself as a spiritual person but I am confident in my belief that she will not go to a nice place when she dies.

  4. I would believe HE believed he had changed for the “better”…according to his definition. I’d still feel sorry for him…a man who lives by -reaction- and insta-schemes when neither are necessary…something he will never fully understand. I’d say something encouraging, and wish him luck…as I turned to walk away.

  5. Absolutely not. Personality Disorders are not conducive to therapeutic intervention. Narcs use therapy to triangulate therapists against their victims.

  6. After YEARS of begging, my mother came to one therapy session with me. She showed up drunk and clenched her purse the entire time. She couldn’t say one nice thing about me. I told her, my husband and I were trying to have a baby and didn’t she want to be apart of that? She said , I don’t have time for that. No contact now for 6 years. She has missed out on our wonderful son. I have never been so happy. Strange how something so awful could bring happiness.

  7. Highly doubtful…after my divorce, my ex indicated that she was seeing a counselor and working on “mental issues”. Months later she made statements that she had changed, etc… To no one’s surprise, she hadn’t. I found out that before we got divorced she saw a different counselor but told them nothing was wrong with our marriage; this was just months before we were separated.

  8. If my abuser realized the depth of what he had done, he would not come to me claiming change and asking for reconciliation. He would disappear completely from my life, knowing that my healing would require that, and that it would be a completely reasonable consequence of his behavior.

  9. I suffered abuse emotionally mentally from my ex partner I was with him for 2 years he was so loving kind affectionate would treat me alot to meals out buy me flowers cook for me it all started out so well. But then I swore I saw him on his phone messaging someone and when I asked him about it he would deny it then another time I saw that he had looked at women photos on internet dating site and he denied that he done anything and was before he met me or when we was serious. That’s when the trust went out the window for me. And he kept saying I had trust issues. Also that’s when the trouble started when he kept having ago about my trust issues also making little digs at me taking the mick out of me putting me down taking the mick out of my friends causing trouble with me and my family then saying I didn’t tell u to send that in a message just was giving u advice. Then he started to dissapear for a day or 2 days if ever we had an argument. Have ago if I was stressed out and had to leave work. My relationships at work broke down because I was so stressed out because of him. He kept telling me I need to get help for my depression or else he would leave me can’t deal or handle it. The list goes on tried to turn my mom against me as well. Now I just don’t trust any man because of it and I don’t know how to move forward I have been on a few dates but never wanted anything serious just casual. Any advice given would be great.

  10. NO. I guess, narcissism is one of the personality disorders where the narcissist is left alone in the room because even the therapist can be manipulated. Narcissism is notoriously difficult to treat.

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