Anyone can be a target of a narcissistic personality.

The greatest source of narcissistic supply will come from conquering the unconquerable! If they can manipulate someone who can advance their status, this would be considered a great achievement.

I look at this from the mind-set of a mountaineer. At the beginning of their quests to climb mountains, the mountaineer will start off small, and with every successful climb, they will want to go higher the next time. Eventually, they won’t get satisfaction unless their climb is more difficult and more challenging than the one before. Their life goal will be to conquer the biggest and the highest mountain. The narcissist’s greatest challenge and achievement will be to conquer the strong and powerful. Once having achieved their goal, the narcissist will attempt to tear down those very same attributes that attracted them in the first place.

Under the mask of the narcissist, is often a person of rather low self-esteem, even though to many, they may appear to be confident and assertive. They need to have their fragile egos fed, having a regular source of narcissistic supply which in turn makes them feel superior. They want others to be envious of them and their chosen partner. Narcissists generally do not have any respect for weakness of character. However, weak people who are easily manipulated are seen as soft targets, and the narcissist may choose someone who is sad or insecure on a temporary basis, until someone better comes along, when they will unceremoniously cast aside and dump the weak person.

The narcissist will feel threatened by those who are more popular than themselves and those who they believe to have integrity and strong morals. In some cases, the narcissist will target such people, for no other purpose than to bring them down.

Once the narcissist has picked their target, they will go all out to prove to this person that they have met their soulmate. Their goal will be to make this totally independent, strong person, utterly dependant on them. They will have to work hard to rise to the challenge but once accomplished, imagine the boost to their ego. Once they have you where they want you, they will slowly but surely chip away at your self-confidence so that eventually you become a shadow of your former self.

The narcissist is attracted to the self-sufficient, independent individuals as they will be less likely to have to take care of their needs.

Narcissists are envious of those who are happy and content. If you have a passion for life, they will try to make sure that it won’t last long. How dare you be happy, when they find it impossible to ever find such a state of contentment? They will seek to destroy your happiness just to make themselves feel better.

Narcissists don’t like being upstaged in any way. If you are the type of person who doesn’t feel the need to take centre stage, you’ll fit the bill for a time. You will be less likely to take the spotlight away from them.

If you are a perfectionist, you may be targeted because you will want everything to be perfect and you will go out of your way to achieve perfection. You will want to receive their approval for a job well done, but as an acknowledgment is extremely unlikely, you’ll try harder next time. You always try to please, doubting yourself and thinking that whatever you do is never good enough.

The narcissist will pray on the empathetic people in this world, the most compassionate, loving and kind people. Someone with such a kind and forgiving nature is much more likely to forgive them time and time again.

Sometimes, if strong, independent targets are unavailable as a source of supply, the narcissist will choose someone who will be an easy target for their manipulation, someone who they see as weak, someone who may be recently divorced or someone in mourning. The depths of their immorality and depravity knows no bounds. Exploiting the vulnerable will give them a lesser degree of supply, but it will be enough until a new source of supply has been established.

Written By Anne McCrea

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