2 thoughts on “What support is available?

  1. Look up the Freedom Programme. It’s for domestic abuse victims, so should be relevant for you. Definitely get a counsellor who knows their stuff on this too, as that will help you in your healing and help you reframe your thoughts. Give it time and remember you’re already on the road to recovery so keep telling yourself well done as it’s a strong person who can break free. Good luck x

  2. Hello I am a recent vacater? of a narcississtic relationship of 13 years. I always wondered what was wrong with my man, I thought maybe a chemical imbalance, or manic depressive. But saw some articles on narcississm tonight and they fit to a tea. Its sad because this is my 2nd long term relationship with men who were almost exactly alike. I am burying it deep now, I will deal with it later today. LOL. I am a strong survivor but I have been run through the ringer. it wont be easy because I do love him, and I will need support. Please give us some info on how to go about getting some emotional support. thanks for all the help

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