Things that narcissists can’t do

Things that narcissists can’t do

What is that ONE thing that a Narcissist CAN’T do that would immediately set off a RED flag?  For example, can’t be proud of their partners achievements. Any others?


11 thoughts on “Things that narcissists can’t do

  1. They can’t take any responsibility for their actions. Nothing is ever their fault. They will never seek help. It’s all you to them. And their job is to convence you you’re the problem.

  2. They do not under any circumstance take responsibility for their behaviour
    No matter how hurtful or distructive it may be to those closest to them

  3. They don’t know how to be ‘authentic’. After 12 years with my Narc husband I still don’t have any idea who he really is. We separated 6 months ago and I’m slowly learning to find myself again.

  4. He’s a talented musician with a great, special voice who gets praise all the time for those qualities. When he was recovering from an illness, I gave him art supplies so he could draw something he wanted to post to Facebook. He proceeded to copy my idea of posting a heart each day. I was thrilled that his drawings, although very crude, had meaning, including fun cartoonish depictions of us…always including a heart…that he posted daily as his daily heart….whoa, copying my by then popular posts. Then, while finding more paper for him, I handed him one of my old sketch pads which had a few pages of drawings. They are quite good…I am an accomplished fine artist. He instantly berated the paper as being old, therefore not good (enough for his crude drawings?). I decided to push him into complimenting my work. Eventually he said, Yes, they are really good….then immediately insinuated that I did not do them. A pattern had already developed, I realized. I am a very good, well paid writer, something people compliment me on all the time…everyone but him. When he saw my art, including a few canvases, he decided & declared that I hadn’t done them. I should’ve drawn a red flag. LOL

  5. They can’t feel true empathy. They cause you so much pain, and ridicule you for showing it.
    11 years later, I’m learning to walk away.

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