Suicide threats

Suicide threats

Hello needing advice please, I left my husband 2 months ago and I’m receiving suicide threats on top on all other abuse what should I do?

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  1. My ex husband threatened suicide too more than once. One time he made a big dramatic scene even taking off in my car. He came back about an hour later very much alive. Narcissists like drama because they have to be the center of attention. You are not responsible for his choices. Don’t buy into it. It is now time to focus on you.

  2. SO typical of a narcissist – when all else fails, threaten suicide. What you should do is immediately contact the police. Do not ALLOW this nonsense in your life. Let the authorities deal with him. My guess is you’ll see your abuser back quite quickly as soon as someone else is let in on this manipulative little number he’s playing. Keep moving forward, and expect all sorts of little games because you LEFT him and have caused narcissistic injury. I suspect rage is soon to follow.

  3. His behaviour is unacceptable an the police should be notified. Well done on leaving him, you don’t need him in your life.

  4. Been there ,done that,got the T-shirt. Live your life. Misery love company. You are not responsible for another adults actions.

  5. Just help him by giving him the rope! That’s just an empty threat. Or lie, if you like.

  6. Remind him he can only do it once.

    And yes, reporting it is a good idea, but be prepared for it to not be taken seriously — and yes, as someone said, for the next stage to come. Be careful.

  7. unfortunately, this seems to be a typical tactic. it’s the “big guns,” pulling out all the stops to get a reaction from you, ensnare you again, manipulate you, control you. remember, you are not responsible for what he does or does not do.

  8. Mine also threatened suicide when things did not gonna way. I made him see a psychiatrist where he was diagnosed as bipolar. In your case when he threatens it call the police and have then do a welfare check. He will netball the attention and drama he needs. Do not go to him. That’s what He wants. He needs you for fuel.

  9. Narcissists don’t kill themselves.
    You are being played….again.
    Is it working….again?

  10. My narcissistic ex-husband did the same thing when I left him. He called my phone constantly telling me he was going to ‘eat his gun’ if I didn’t let him come back home.

    When I made the mistake of allowing him back into my life, he hadn’t touched one hair on his selfish head.

    It’s just a scare tactic to make you feel guilty enough to let him back in your life.

    Do not fall for it. You will suffer more agony and pain than you ever thought possible.

  11. Just went through this with my ex 2 weeks ago. Instead of ignoring him, I called the police. After reading them the texts he was sending, they decided to do a “well check on him” which ended with them taking him to the hospital. After a 24 hour observation in the pysch ward, they released him. He went straight home and preceded to text me and tell me what a horrible person I was for “having him locked up with the crazies!” Lesson learned.

  12. Ignore him. #1 You are not a psychologist or crisis worker and #2 This is a common ploy, very common by the narcissist. Ignore him.

  13. It is best to not even respond or acknowledge the suicide threats. He is trying another method to have control over you in some way. In times like those I would keep reminding myself, “Do not engage. Do not engage. Do not engage.” The attempts to manipulate grew increasing less and are now at zero.

  14. I have suffered mental health all my life and can confidently say anyone who threatened to kill themselves very rarely go ahead and carry out the threat, it’s another form of control as they have run out of options and now realise nothing else to use to make you feel sympathy. It’s hard to ignore but again it’s emotional abuse. No reaction is in my opinion the best reaction. Stay strong and hope things improve for you, you deserve better xx

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