She’s incredibly mean and hateful

She’s incredibly mean and hateful

My dad passed away in 2011. It was a shock. At that time my mom was getting ill with Alzheimer’s. My older sister burst through the front door with tons of papers. Long story short, my parents left her in charge when they passed. For 5 long miserable years, my sister moved in with my mom and me. Took over completely, made my life a living hell. I always knew she was mean but I didn’t know it was this vicious. Over the 5 years I basically took care of my mom while my sister badly dressed her up. Only reason I didn’t leave then was due to my mom. In my teens my parents got a check for me each month but it was in my mom’s name. I never saw any of it. My sister refused to put it in my name at the time. My mom passed away a year ago and I’m still stuck with my sister. She refuses to let me leave and has terrorized me for years by saying I was going to be put in an institution. Just recently I started to realize she couldn’t do that. I’ve noticed how incredibly mean and hateful she is! I saw a pattern and started looking it up and found out she’s a covert narcissist. I’m scared daily of her, never know what attitude she will be in. One minute she’s screaming and yelling at me and then next she will hug me. I’m not saying I’m perfect but goodness gracious! This isn’t normal. Can someone advise me on what to do please?!

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  1. Depending on what sort of check (especially if it is SSI) you are receiving, that may be your point of attack to free yourself. If she is cashing/depositing/using the check and is not your legal guardian she could be considered to be committing fraud.

    If this is the case, you should be able to have the court assign you a guardian ad litem, to protect your interests.

    Document the abuse — carefully and quietly. I suggest a password-protected computer file, with copies sent via e-mail to yourself.

  2. Its time to call good lawyer and have a consultation with him/her. Write everything down that you can remember from the day your sister moved in and take it with you when you go. Take a copy of your mothers will, and a copy of any house ownership papers. It’s time to free yourself from your abusive sister and live a happy, peaceful life. If your sister threatens you, dial 911. Enough is enough. Good luck.

  3. I agree with Renee, contact the social security administration to have the money come directly to you either with their debit card or thru a bank account that has only your name on it. Once you have some money, seek out legal counsel. The SSA might be able to help with that also. Hang in there hunny, you’re not alone! *Hugs

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