She fought until the last moment of her life

She fought until the last moment of her life

Ammi Maa Mom. All my life, I witnessed my mother endure so much pain and I tried my best to push her to stand up for herself. But the love she had for my father made her strong and weak at the same time. The pain and suffering she endured did not matter to her. She took it all. I am the oldest in my family and I saw things that none of my siblings ever saw or could comprehend at such a young age. She married my father at the age of sixteen and that day she stopped living for herself. She spent every inch of herself on her husband and in-laws without hesitating. Very well knowing that those people will never appreciate her care. Every effort she made for them was in vain. She was abused in ways most women cannot survive. But she did. Being married so young, all she knew was love and that’s all she gave them. And in return, all she got was abuse. They used her in ways that would appal a human mind. But sadly, it is considered ‘normal’ to treat a wife and daughter-in-law in such behaviour and conduct in third world countries. She was kind and honest. She was brave and humble. Such qualities are to be treasured but instead her husband and his family mistreated her. She gave birth to eight children and she raised them alone with no help from anyone. Nobody cared for her as she cared for her children. Where she got all that endless love and care from, I as a mother can see now. She was deprived of many things and she fought everyone so her children won’t be. She wanted to study but she could not afford it. She fought for her kids to be educated. She wanted them to have a better life and choices so they wouldn’t have to struggle like she did. In my 37 years of life, I have never seen a woman that strong. A woman who would take a beating so her children can sleep without wounds. A woman who never once showed her scars to anybody. A woman who fought for her children until her last breath. A woman who never complained. If you ever met her, you wouldn’t be able to tell that she was a victim. The kind of person she was, she dug a well inside of herself and poured all of her pain and misery in it. Mom always said God knows best and God will take care of it. If I ever start writing a book about her, it will be in volumes. Her greatness was unspeakable. Her fight was unheard of. She was incredibly talented. You name a skill, and she knew it. Nobody taught her anything, she was self-taught. She cooked the most delicious food. People made excuses to come over so they can enjoy her food. She sewed beautiful frocks for us. She raised 6 daughters with so much care and love. She dressed us so gracefully. Every event she went; people would complement her elegance. She loved to learn new things. She loved to read. She could read one digest (Urdu novels) after digest and never get bored. She was the type of person who would get along with anyone. Everyone who ever met her always loved her company. She taught us many things. She taught us sabar (patience). With the abuse she went through every day, yet she was so loving and forgiving. I have never seen a woman go through what she went through and it taught me a lot. Now that she is gone, I can’t help but speak up. Abuse is a sickness; it has no cure. Some people are stuck, believing that they cannot get out of the abusive loop. They need help. Please help yourself and your loved ones if you experience any kind of abuse. My mother loved him more than she loved anyone and to stand up to him, she could not do it alone. And when she finally could, her health gave up on her. She still fought until the very last moment of her life. For me, she is my superwoman. Mother, I will always be proud of you for raising us with every inch of your being. I will always be proud of your willingness to fight through any struggle in life. Thank you mother. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for showing me what a loving mother can do. Thank you for inspiring me to be a strong willed woman in this world. Thank you for being my mother. I have loved you since I gained conscious of myself and I will love you till the last of my own days.

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  1. I’m touched hearing ur moms story…she is truly an inspiration for me…lots of dua for u and her…may ALLAH grant her jannat where she can have unbound happiness she deserves..

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