My ex tries to use God against me

My ex tries to use God against me

How can one show an abusive ex spouse, his flying monkey crew is on social media stalking & taunting you? (sending messages to the Pastors/life coach portraying him as the victim and me having a non expired Protection Order against him, despite his name is blocked.)

My ex always tried using God against me and his family tried telling me if and when & If I ever left him that God’s gonna get me/I’m in Gods hands meaning gloom in doom
I’m the devil yea ok !

Now since I’ve obtained a Permanent protection order/Non Expire!!! he’s scared I’m gonna collect CS & seeing negative patterns repeated Smear campaigns, indirectly making my name look bad, him breaking the PPO by 3rd party subliminal messages.

I know it’s him, hating fan club because when I try to leave a few times in the past he always calls my former pastor, telling the pastor to make me reconcile, go back to him, he always begged others via social media for prayers, using his emotions to manipulate others playing a good victim.

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  1. I’ve devoted 20 years of my life advocating for victims of narcissistic abuse. Particularly those in the church. I was married to a pastor diagnosed with NPD. I was told God would do a miracle. God hates divorce. I should submit more. We saw 14 Christian counselors who had zero knowledge of NPD. He was able to manipulate most of them because of his position and those he couldn’t he deemed unacceptable. He was worshipped in his church and in most Christian communities narcissists who are altruistic can easily charm and use scripture and knowledge to gather flying monkeys. If you finally leave be prepared to find out who your friends are. You may lose a whole community or church but that is okay. I will promise you that God has something much better waiting for you that doesn’t include abuse and control. Go no contact with the narcissist and anyone connected to him. You may have to find a new church. How exciting! Stop defending your integrity because that is the hook. God is setting you free. Let Him. Many Christian women have walked this path and are free now and happy. You can be too.

  2. I used to be a pastor’s wife. My ex is an abusive, cheating, con-artist narcissist (former pastor). He and the new supply are playing at being godly, even using God, church, and praying for me as ways to draw in flying monkeys and to gin up business.
    I understand how hard it is to fight when people are saying God will get you for divorcing or not forgiving.
    The fact is, a good God would deal with your narcissist and protect you. I don’t know what God the flying monkeys are worshipping, but it is not a good one.
    Don’t fear. Keep using legal means to protect yourself and provide for your kids.

  3. My ex did this to me. Thankfully I had been talking to my Pastor about the failing marriage (and the reasons). When ex asked him to “tell me divorce is wrong”, Pastor asked him if he considered he may need help with his drinking. That was the end of that. He realized Pastor saw through him.

    If you have a relationship with your Pastor, give him a copy of your protection order and tell him your fears. If your Pastor does not seem to realize your need for protection, then seek a new church. Cut ties & go completely no with anyone that supports your ex. Block him and his flying monkeys. Make your Facebook page private. YOU know who you are and what the truth is. What anyone else thinks about the situation is irrelevant. You have to get to the point where you don’t care what others “think”. The truth always comes out…

  4. Believe in your Higher Power and as long as you and your God know that what you’ve done is the right thing then no one else’s opinion matters. I stopped caring who he told or who believed him. I only cared that I was free.

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