Do I just ignore it?

Do I just ignore it?

I am searching for an answer to a specific question. I have a narcissistic mother (81 years old) and have a question I have been searching for answers without success. I have limited contact with her at this point in my life. I’m 50 and have a grandchild of my own. When I have to be around her she takes every opportunity to take jabs at me. My question is how do I respond in the moment to this type of behavior? Do I just ignore it/her or tell her it bothers me? I DO NOT want to give her the “high” shes looking for and want to respond in a way that will be best for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hi!! I understand…mine too….can you find it within you to laugh and agree? So…she says “you always do……you never did…..etc etc” laugh out loud and say yeah i never did….yeah i always do…..i think it will give you a lil bit of control and then just walk out of the room…she’ll be dead soon lol

  2. I refuse to acknowledge my narc’s comments. It only gives fuel & makes the narc feel good. If I’ve learned one thing it’s that I’ll NEVER win b/c narcs are unreasonable & self-absorbed. The closest I’ve come to “winning” is ignoring the behavior. I think it’s sends the message “I’m not participating.”

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