He’s using the house against me

He’s using the house against me

My narcissistic brother who clearly got his traits from my mother has ramped up his controlling nasty behaviour towards me. We unfortunately bought a house 12 year ago as an investment and over the years I’ve lived there, he’s lived there or it’s been let out. Last 6 years he’s been in the property paying for it etc, until about 3 years ago he defaulted every month as he was spending money on drugs , obviously I kicked off as I have a mortgage with my partner and I’d receive horrible texts off him along the lines off “I am disgusted with your lack of pity towards me” we both have endured so much as siblings!! So any way that’s not all, I had my little boy and he never came and seen me for 6 weeks, ‘obviously jealous’ he’s always seemed to have this jealousy towards my partner for taking his sister away , bear in mind I’ve always looked after him until I met my partner and realised he was vile towards me!! He even told his army boss once when he went out drinking and didn’t turn up for parade that he was in hospital as his sister had been diagnosed with cancer!!! So the house, he’s lived in it till last year I asked him to sell it, he let it out to someone without telling me and he failed affordability check to take it on himself, and now he said if his tenant moves out ( he’s told me he will ) he wont be paying anything towards it , he said he’s going bankrupt and he’s helping me !!! He also as normal keeps being so aggressive and nasty even if I’m civil towards him and constantly says I’m a nasty piece of work just like your mother ( she’s also a narc) who I have no contact with , I really dont know how to get away from him , even if he goes bankrupt he’s still on mortgage and the controlling abuse never stops he’s using this house against me.

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