I lied to the police and told them it was an accident

I lied to the police and told them it was an accident

Let me ask this…
June 2016 I was in a horrific car accident because I confronted my boyfriend how he was treating me. I asked if this was the way he was to ex-wife that lead to her infidelity. 
He put his seatbelt on, not even 10 seconds later, he slammed on his brakes knowing I was not buckled in( I NEVER WORE MY SEATBELT UNTIL BEFORE THAT DAY). My face slammed into the windshield as we went from 0 to 70.  When he slammed on his brakes, his rear brakes locked up( I had been telling him they needed replaced for months, they were waiting to be replaced the next day on the carport), we ended up front end into the guard rail where my shoe got caught and broke my foot but kept me in the vehicle after smashing the windshield again with my face, the air bags finally deploying into my left knee while I was on the dash… Waking up wondering if we hurt anyone.
I lied to the police, and told them it was accident…
Got an Uber to head home instead of EMS taking me to the hospital.(After screaming at him he didn’t care if my Son had a Mother)
His Father picked him up, brought him home, decided to cuss me out how I am a drunk and everything else… I never understood why… (Even as the adult told me to go to sleep though I had a concussion) 
Until, I found my old man had told his entire family and friend circle, I grabbed the steering wheel and threw us into the guardrail… 
Let me ask logical questions… If I grabbed the wheel wouldn’t have my face only hit once? If I grabbed the wheel how did I end up in the dash before the airbags deployed? 
What other logical questions can I ask them to find the truth on their own?

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  1. Personally, I would not try to counter what he claims, I would got to the police and come clean, explaining about your fear of him. Let the police do this work, do NOT protect such a dangerous individual. The police will be the only credible “truth finders” in this, as Your “man” has already compromised you. Do not allow any further compromising by lying for him!

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