I’m so lost on what to do

I’m so lost on what to do

I refused to come closer/move in with him once he starting being really emotionally abusive, dishonest, inconsiderate and controlling. He then started manipulating me as if I owed him that regardless, like I was his property and not a human being and the distance itself caused our issues. He told his family I was a liar, cheater, a disappointment and he was always making remarks like there was someone else anyways, so I tried to end it. Of course he turned it around on me and said he wanted to break up because I’ll never come live with him. I guess now I’m just trying to be more aware and prepared for anything that could happen.

Should I be relieved or still worried? Will he live me alone since I kept refusing to give him what he ultimately wanted out of this anyway? He knows my address, should I fear that he’ll physically stalk me or any family members? Or do they normally just discard you for good once you refuse to give in or they have a new victim? Can I trust anyone that knew him first? Will I have to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder? Is he more likely to act like I never existed now or come here and bother me? I can handle ignoring a text and I expected him to talk badly of me to his family so he’d look like a victim. But do I need to stress over this situation even after it’s ended… I’m so lost on what to do.

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