Are they really all lovey dovey?

Are they really all lovey dovey?

Hi group need some help! My Ex Narcs current supply broke up with him and cheated on him with a girl. I guess they got back together. Acting like nothing happened. Like he took her back and they are really trying to make it work.

My question is behind the closed doors what is going on? Are the really all lovey dovey. Did he fully forgive her? Willing to make it work?

Why if I would have cheated many years ago I would have been left and punished.
Thank you

One thought on “Are they really all lovey dovey?

  1. Nothing about a narc is real. They stay as along as they are getting something they still want. The need to challenge and conquer will keep them interested. Once that is gone they move on again with everyone; not just love interests.
    Don’t question yourself or try to figure him out. Be happy that you are free.

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