Should I cut him off from my daughter too?

Should I cut him off from my daughter too?

I need some advice. So, I have just recently been able to understand that there was a name for how my husband treated me and my daughter. I had already surmised that is was abusive and had already separated from him. However, I want to establish no contact with him but he takes my daughter (not his daughter biologically) to school which is very helpful to me. However, he has threatened not to do it because my daughter isn’t paying enough attention to him, she’s 13 and not that interested in hanging out with him. Should I cut him off completely from my daughter too? I am worried that this will not make sense to my daughter or put her in the middle. But, she is not biologically his daughter and he has no legal right to her. Her other parent passed away when she was four, so I am her only legal parent.

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  1. Hi my ex completely turned my daughter against me with his lies and the court did not listen when I said he was manipulative I have not seen my daughter for two years since she was twelve she said she wanted to stay at his he spoilt her and unfortunately his money won new pony etc I hope with some life experience she will want to know me but she is just like him I’m afraid

  2. You’ve already realized that its an abusive relationship. If he has no legal reason for access to her, remove it!

    You’ll be able to explain it to her eventually.

    I worry for the psychological health of my children, I cannot completely remove my ex (their father) from their lived. Thankfully they are now teens, not too many more years of this forced visitation.

    If you have the choice, get rid of him and his influence completely. Perhaps there’s some other option available to you that will be helpful to you.

    Don’t accept help from am abuser. You must cut them out of your life!

    Good luck.

  3. As an adult child of one of these people I would cut him off. You will also have to explain to your daughter why you cut him out or she will get angry at you. Explain his treatment of you and her and help her see what you are talking about. If not she might internalize the situation and pick a boyfriend just like him in later years. You don’t want that..

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