Would love to link up with similar sufferers

Would love to link up with similar sufferers

Hi-quick summary of my situation:

51 years old free spirit, married happily 27 years no kids by choice. After mother’s death last year finally went no contact with 3 siblings. This was after a lifetime of people-pleasing, but also being honest upfront forgiving and authentic with family. Around mother’s death my husband and I were basically shunned, dismissed etc. which had been going on for last 7 years, though I’d tried to ignore it/own my stuff/help them more. My spiritual work /Vipassana meditation/healing/affirmations etc. made me realise narcissistic personality disorder was rife from my mother to at least 2 siblings and the others became flying monkeys. In short, a lifetime of both my husband and I providing holidays/visits/house-sits//child-minding/dog sits/emotional support came to naught when we left Ireland and stopped playing the game. So just wondering about how to link up to similar sufferers with adult siblings/group scenarios.


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