I’m so confused

I’m so confused

When he realises your leaving and becomes nice again. How do you cope with the guilt of his actions he is now saying, a lot of the behaviour is his way of showing he cares? I’m so confused I don’t want him to loose house or anything I just want to leave.

5 thoughts on “I’m so confused

  1. Its all an act and he doesn’t really care about you. He is just trying to manipulate you so you will stay and he can keep using you. You need to get out as fas as u can!

  2. I am also new at this but I think I got this… They will never change. You have to continue giving them no information, maintaining low contact, maintain your stance and move away from them. They will continue to try and maybe give you what you want by trying to suck you back in… Maintain you stance…

  3. Stick to your plan and don’t be fooled or you might realize too late what listening to your narcissists lies cost you.

  4. It’s a guilt trip to keep you there. If you stay it will be worse because the neef to control will tighten. Don’t let the niceness fool you. It is only a means to an end. It is not real. It is so much better on the other side, but it takes time to recover.

  5. Leave. No one “shows they care” by abusing you. If he loses his house – it’s not y our problem. You are describing a mind set (of your own) that will allow this man to keep playing head games and abusing you. Leave, block him on your phone and don’t look back. What happens in HIS life is HIS business, not yours. You’re “confused” because of cognitive dissonance and the fact that you KNOW you need to leave, but YOU’RE LISTENING TO BULLSHIT. Leave.

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