Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse: Shattering The Illusion

Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse: Shattering The Illusion

Extract from Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse: Shattering the Illusion

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In an ideal world, we would live and interact with kind, considerate folk who have our best interests at heart.  Sadly, that is a far cry from the world we live in today.  There appears to be an increase in people who are simply out for themselves, people who are controlling and demanding, people who put their needs before those of anyone else, and people who refuse to play by society’s rules.  They trample on anyone on their way to the top.  There are those who need constant attention and admiration, who will put others down to elevate themselves, those who will cause unimaginable pain to those closest to them and show zero empathy, shame or remorse.  This world is full of people who will lie, who will destroy someone’s reputation, because in their twisted minds, they believe somehow that they deserve it.

Unfortunately, many of these people fly under the radar, hiding their true colours behind a false identity, a false self. To the outside world they appear charismatic and charming, but behind closed doors, they are hostile, manipulative and exploitive. These individuals may appear normal, but they are con artists and master manipulators, who are often believed by those around them.  This type of personality frequently displays an air of grandiosity and arrogance, but behind the false exterior there often lies a vulnerability and such a very fragile ego, an ego that is so very easily dented. If you are the one guilty of a ‘crime’, as they see it, you will pay and pay very dearly.  Nothing will ever be their fault.  No matter what goes wrong in their lives, they will never self-reflect and admit to the possibility that they may be to blame.

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One thought on “Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse: Shattering The Illusion

  1. I was married 8 yrs to a bar
    Divorced 11/15
    Still tortured
    Every word is true
    Mine is a pschio narc highrest level
    I have been reclused this year in home
    Not 1 boyfriend or relationship since him

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