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  1. I have had mine go afew days n i dont miss him ..think of those times he put fear in you ..and made you cry …dont go back ..it was a front the nice him ..i miss nice him but then remember all the bad times ..do u want to go back to that ?it will end up bein so much worse ..and you could never trust him the same way again ..im loving the freedom ..i would never take him back

  2. When I started researching narcissism, the advice was across the board the same except for one site: GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!! The one site was a woman who decided to remain married to her narcissist. I didn’t feel that chucking my marriage was an option…so I listened to her views…and remained for another 4 years of misery. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!! That’s another 4 years I worked toward a heart attack…another 4 years he murdered my self-esteem and another 4 years my kids got to live through as well.
    You have the major battle behind you: getting him out in the first place. GO WITH THAT!!! Start working on you. You’ll find that without him underfoot that is a RELIEF! Miss him…of course. You miss your beloved dog when he dies. You miss a friend that moved away. But like Edgar Allan Poe’s monkey’s paw, you won’t like what you see behind that door. Take this opportunity to stay the course and work on your damaged self esteem, work on making you better…in more ways than one. Keep in mind, it is HE who drove you to thoughts of suicide, and thinking you’re crazy, and you’re not good enough. You ARE good enough…and he doesn’t deserve you. Put the crown back on that he knocked off God’s child, and remember who you are!

    1. Thank you for that message. I’m having trouble with the loneliness part of going no contact with my narcissist. I began using alcohol as a distraction because I forgot who I am a child of God . You are right

  3. I missed him to at first and sometimes still do when certain things trigger my memories with him but then I have to force myself to remember all the things he did to me and realize that he really doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Hang on it will get easier. Live your life to the fullest and don’t worry about what he’s doing. 🙂

  4. You are not missing him, you are having fear of being alone. Let him go and find your freedom. My son went through this and he has found his freedom. You are worth it dear.

  5. Save yourself the repeated hurt down the road, work on you. Keep him kicked to the curb. They do not change. Good luck

  6. I’m going through this too. I kept hoping things would change but I know now that it will always be this way if I stay. As hard as it is to miss someone you thought you loved, you have to accept that they are a manipulative liar and who you miss is not them it’s who they pretended to be. Who they pretended to be doesn’t exist, I have to keep reminding myself this constantly. I’m still hoping that this time I can finally let go. I hope you can too.

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