Am I better off staying single?

Am I better off staying single?

I was married to a Narc for almost 20 years and dated another for nearly 3 years only to find out he was lying and cheating, possibly the entire relationship but I know for sure recently because I found the evidence on his phone. How can I ever trust a man again? The bf knew my story and how my ex husband treated me yet he did so much worse. Now I’m terrified to trust myself not to end up with a third one just like them. Am I better off just staying single?

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  1. Wow you sound exactly like me. I am going through it now. I was married to a Narc for 18 years & found my now current Narc of 5 years on a Bi website. After checking his phone. My gut was telling me something was off. So I searched & was so devastated.

  2. I was married to a Narc for 17 years and together for 20. I have been divorced now for 8 years. I’m still single. It has taken me this long to heal, to take care of myself and to figure out what I want and what I don’t want. Sometimes I get lonely and would like to meet someone BUT, I know I would never survive what I went through again so I’m treading lightly. If I meet someone great, if I don’t, I’m fine with being single. I have single girlfriends who struggle to meet the right men and many times I actually consider myself better off without the drama and head games in trying to find the “right “ one.

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