I will be fine… Won’t I ?

I will be fine… Won’t I ?

Hi all,

I have dated a narc for about 2 years on and off. To be honest the longest and worst 2 years of my life… The abuse (fiscally, emotionally) I endured still confuses me. How could I have allowed it to happen? How could I have been so blind? The fiscal abuse is over and behind me BUT the emotional abuse I am still going through is just starting to really piss me off. The new supply in his life is actually sending me photos of them and her wearing his clothes, I feel this is so unnecessary. I want to seriously bitch slap this woman for enjoying my pain and heartache so much (that’s what’s wrong with society today) BUT then again I feel sorry for her because I know what’s waiting for her… My narc ex left me when I was seven months pregnant, he went back to his home town and left me behind even though I begged him not to. I was bad mouthed when ever it went bad with him and when he needed something I was made empty promises, after 2 months he “convinced me” (manipulated) me to follow him and have our baby boy there by him. 4 days before I have to leave he tells me it’s over he met someone else. I later find out that he knew her for exactly 24 hours and basically moved in with her. WTF??? I was crushed beyond my foundations and walls every piece of me, he is unfortunately the love of my life, f*** what luck… ever since it’s been a game for him playing me and his new supply off each other. Then he leaves her and I’m everything for a few days or weeks and then he leaves again. It’s been 5 days now with no contact, he left me again just 2 weeks ago, our son is 3 months old. He was great with our son but very impatient which scared me because I know how he can get… I gave myself goals after the last smear campaign he has started now, 7 days without any contact and then then next 7 days no more checking his FB profile.

If I can do just those 2 things for 9 days I will be fine… Won’t I ?! There must be a light somewhere in this darkness…

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