I told her to never contact me again

I told her to never contact me again

I really hope that you’re going to help me…

My narc ex girlfriend just invited me to her wedding. I already told her a year before to never ever contact me again after we broke up. I asked her to live our own life separately.

Yesterday she phoned me and asked for a meeting, I reminded her that I am not interested to have anymore contact with her, she asked me as if nothing wrong has ever happened (mind you the discard was brutal, and she right away jumped into another relationship). This morning she asked for my office security to give me her wedding invitation. Why did she do this? I only asked her to leave me alone.

We had been together for five years, and yeah put down, yelling, and name calling were included in it.

What should I do? We have same circle of friends and they did not know how she behaved when we were together for five years.

It still stings and hurts so much…

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  1. Wow you sound just like me with my ex girlfriend. Broke it off with her 3 weeks ago. Her behavior was just like your ex girlfriend. Insults, neglect, yelling, and controlling then will contact me like nothing happened. But she HATED being ignored. So i would ignore the invite and disappear it’s just a way for her to show off and destroy you even more. I know it stings and hurts that she can be this cruel and I’m sure you did nothing to deserve it. Don’t waste your time buddy cut her off block her change number whatever you gotta do.

  2. Friend… narcissists move on quickly and marry quickly as part of their ongoing PR campaign: “see? It wasn’t me. Nothing wrong with me. I moved on and am getting married.” So you get the motivation here. She also may be trying to triangulate by having her ex show up invited to her wedding to control/make jealous/ manipulate her current partner. And of course hurting you again just proves how much you cared and gives her a mood bump. How sad.
    Trash the invite. Pay no attention. Trying to figure out a sociopath is like trying to figureout what the color blue tastes like. It doesn’t make sense, it never will to a healthy person and even if it did it wouldn’t be relief for you. Stay focused moving forward. You can be happy one day. She will always be like this.

  3. Awwww, well isn’t that sweet of her? (insert puking emoji here)

    I would find a nice box and some pretty wrapping paper and ribbon. I’d wrap her stupid invitation up, then mail it a back to her. Let her think she’s getting a nice wedding gift from you. You could also stick a note in it…something like: “I have repeatedly requested that you stay away from me and leave me alone. Please go on with your life and stay away from me and my place of employment.”

    You could also include a copy of the book “Little Black Book of Bat-shit Crazy” with a note addressed to her husband, telling him it’s his operational manual for her.

    Since leaving my ex, I have a hard time ignoring their behavior. If you’re going to disrespect my boundaries, you’re going to get pounded. The end.

  4. If you do go bro…Get yourself the most amazing fittest looking beautiful girl you know…explain the situation and then go to the wedding…Drink, eat and give that vacuos piece of shit a taste of her own. After all….That’s whu you were invited.

  5. Do not reply in any way, shape or form
    ignore her
    if she amps up her behavior, call her parents and inform them of her behavior. these people are parasitic in nature and need to feed from somewhere. Make sure it is not you. Hopefully, she will move on.

  6. Yes, this is absolutely as crazy as you think it is. Its so crazy, its kind of hard to process. But, we know that’s what they are so good at. No one in their right mind would even think of inviting their ex-husband to their wedding, much less sending an invite and actually following through on it!!!! ITS CRAZYMAKING. And you feeling like it is, IS A HEALTHY THING. Happy for you that you were able to escape the “web” of insanity. Is it possible for you to get a restraining order? I wonder if her new husband knew about this?? Wouldn’t that be interesting. I am a strong believer in going no contact and personally believe sending the invite back would only feed the fire. Sorry you are having to go through this 🙁 but pls hang in there. You are doing the right thing.

  7. Hmmmmm. That she was able to phone you tells me she’s not blocked, blocked, blocked. Why on earth do you think you owe this creature any response or explanation whatsoever. She’s clearly unbalanced. Block, ignore and move on.

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