He acts like he didn’t do anything wrong

He acts like he didn’t do anything wrong

I need some advice. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for at least 20 years. We have been married before and we talk about marriage with each other but haven’t done it up because of a situation that came up 3 1/2 years ago. I found out that he was talking to my best friend behind my back and was told from another person that there was more going on. I left him for 2 months after that and then decided to take him back because I felt sorry for him and thought I still loved him. I let her in my home and we did everything together with not knowing what was going on behind my back. He knew she wasn’t my friend and pretend that she was. I know it’s been years since this happened but it is still haunts me. I can’t get over the fact that he let it happen and now I am living with him and so hurt that he could do this with no conscience. He acts like he didn’t do nothing wrong but talk to her behind my back and she would call him to talk about me. All I want is the truth and how he be so innocent that he did this. I guess what I am saying is how do I stay with this man after he did this? When he was married before he did it to his wife as well and now he’s saying he’s changed and he loves me and doesn’t want to lose me but I just can’t go on but not sure if I can just let everything go that we built together. My ex-husband abused me too and I feel so unworthy. Any advice that you could give me would be great. Thanks for your time.


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  1. My dear girl unfortunately he won’t change. Narcissists don’t change. My advice to you is leave and have no contact with him. Surround yourself with good supportive oeople for you to kean on and keep you strong. Ditch the ‘friend’…she was never a friend to you. Know that you are worthy and valuable and deserve the best…don’t settle for anything less. Take yourself on a journey of finding yourself again. You’ll be amazed at what you find within yourself. Please leave him, wipe your feet on the mat on the way out and DON’T LOOK BACK xo

  2. Same thing has happened over and over to me. Not that exact thing. But things that have happened that I was still scratching my head over. However it’s the same situation. We’ve both previously been married. And dating now 6 years. Talking about getting married. With me it’s the ex. Talking on the phone. How he acts around her. Situations that doesn’t make sense. That I ask him about upset and he’s “what did I do?”. In so many ways. He says I’m over thinking. Too sensitive. Reading into everything. I broke it off with because I was tired of limbo. So he came to suck me back in. He had placed an engagement ring on lawaway. And knowing I would love to be married. He asked me. No ring but told me aboutit. Then says we have to wait until he resolves a matter with her re property first. Haha this back in December!!! I’m currently thinking back on all of those times saying…why??? TRUST YOURSELF. Don’t doubt what you already know. I stumbled on this as well as many other resources. I’m trying to get him to move on. It’s not easy since money is envolved!!! For him!!! But I’m getting there. I can’t believe I’ve allowed these crazy things in my life. Has changed everything I know. But I’m moving toward healing now. Be blessed. I pray you do too. BTW it’s not you. It’s him and his crazy shit!!

  3. I was in love with this guy in highschool then I found out he slept with my best friend. I was heartbroken. I ended up cutting ties with him. I got married and had a daughter. I always carried a longing for him and wasn’t really happy in my marriage. Fast forward 10 years and I run into him. All those buried emotions came flooding back. I ended up getting divorced and thought maybe this time around would be different. It was pure hell. He ended up sleeping with my sister. This time I felt completely broken. He’s dead to me now and any chance at having a decent relationship with my sister has been destroyed. I am with a good man now and have been for 3 years in october, happiest I’ve been in years. About 6 months ago, the day after my bday in fact, that ass sent me a msg wanting to see me. I blew him off and was happy to realize he no longer has a hold on me. Cut him loose and save yourself!!

  4. Your own statement “I feel so unworthy” tells it spot on. THAT is why you’re letting this LIAR remain in your life. He cannot change, he cannot be anything other than what you have experienced so far. In fact, he WILL GET WORSE. He’s a cheater, a liar, a gaslighter, a manipulator. YOU need to find out why you “feel so unworthy” to heal it. That is the reason you’re with him, and the ONLY reason. A “worthy” woman doesn’t allow these shitheads within ten feet. Take it from a newly “worthy” woman – and you can get here too!!!Be done with him!

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