I have nothing. I’m so lost.

I have nothing. I’m so lost.

I am for sure in a relationship with a narc. Unfortunately…we have been together for 5 years. We have 2 kids…the youngest only being 8 months old. I just don’t know how to handle it anymore. I feel myself becoming very angry now every time he starts with me. Everything is always my fault. He’s the ‘boss’ and our family will do what he says. So I’m in a big huge bind. We just moved last month across the country. My family lives in the state we moved from and his family lives where we are now. I left my home state because of lack of support. But now, I feel the lack of support but being in a familiar area would be better than being stuck where I literally know no one…I thought this move would have improved our relationship but my thought was wrong. Now, my kids and I aren’t technically residents of this state yet. We haven’t made it “official”…my question is, how the hell can I leave? He tells me to go back all the time but then says ‘you aren’t taking my boys’. Ya, OK, because I’m going to leave my babies behind? It’s me who takes care of them day in and day out. I want to just up and leave when he’s gone but he doesn’t have a job yet and neither do I. We are living off of OUR savings. I want to get my kids out of this toxic situation but my oldest is such a daddy’s boy that I don’t want to move across the country and not have his dad around all the time. I don’t have a vehicle as mine broke once we got to our destination. We have been using his mom’s vehicle. So even if I wanted to leave, I have no way of getting anywhere. Even if I wanted to stay in this state, I don’t have a vehicle to get to work, I don’t have money to get a place, I don’t have a sitter to watch my kids, I have nothing. If I went back to my home state, that would involve leaving everything I have for myself and kids behind. I am seriously so lost and really am unsure what to do. I’m heart broken 💔

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