I came from a narcissistic family

I came from a narcissistic family

I am still fighting this battle but it has been an awakening for me so much so that I made a post on this on my site. I’ve read, learnt and gain so much knowledge it’s my duty to share my experience and create even more awareness your page has played a key part in my journey. Thank you.

When I was a little girl my mother used to refer to my Granma and aunts (her in-laws) as “those people” and she still does, little did she knew that  “those people” have a name that’s attached to them they are called Narcissist. I grew up very confused as to why she tried her very best to protect me form those people; after all they are my blood. They called her crazy, I called her crazy. I mean why would my mother separate me from the people I love that took care of me, lavished me with toys and gifts and everything imaginable. Now that I am an adult I find myself fighting the same battles my mother fought when she was my age.

I came from a whole narc family grand ma, dad, and two aunts and if that wasn’t bad enough I went ahead and married a narc!!!! Of course at the time I never heard of the term narcissist or NPD that until I married the narc himself and noticing the red flags. With tremendous amount of research I pieced together the twisted puzzle I was in.

Here’s my description of my NPD husband.
He’s like a volcano always bubbling always ready for eruption it only takes one more vibration and then Boom!! Explosion!!! Then he simmers down, always simmering, always bubbling over the edge eagerly ready and waiting to explode again. It’s the etching away of yourself overtime if they become successful you will be  left, broken, exhausted beyond belief, complete loss of true self.

There is hope, I am living proof you can overcome. I have completely gone no contact with my narc family I haven’t divorced my husband yet, however I have implemented strict strategies to detatch myself from him and I am able to still keep my sanity.

I am reaching out to other wives that’s tied down to their narc husbands and family members. Low contact or no contact is the ultimate goal but when it’s not possible we must support and learn their tactics and implement strategies of our own. I hope I can be source of hope to anyone who hears my story.

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  1. I don’t talk to my NARC family. Its a destroyed family unit. My mother is the leader, and I am her scapegoat. I am that mother that took my children away from two NARC families. My ex partners family and mine. My ex is a very dangerous narcissist, and it has been a nightmare getting away from him. I left when my kids were, 3,2 and with one in the womb. Than my exes mother (queen bee narc) cut me off from his entire family 2 months after my father (the enabling parent; my only real parent, and the kinder parent died). I am alone in the world with my kids, but I do have cousins (my dad’s side). It is a very difficult situation, but my children and I emotionally safe. Narcissism is all I’ve ever known. I have been single for 5 years, and narcissism is not allowed any where near my life. I am so done!!

  2. Yes it can be a lonely life when we decide to go no contact with these individuals but id rather be lonely than be entangled with these types now that my eyes are wide open. Thank you for sharing its support systems like this site that keeps my sanity and my mother was right all along.

  3. I left my narcisst ex husband over 2 years ago but we have 3 kids and cos i built a new happy life he is nothing but jealous and ive had every different authority at my door since after complaints by him.He is verbally abusive and emotionally blackmails our kids and uses them as weapons to try and get at me.

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