He told me he’s never letting me go

He told me he’s never letting me go

Hello there, I need some help.  I’m not going to go into detail because that’d take a whole day, but my soon to be ex husband is texting me from a different number. I know it’s him because of his horrible grammar. In the text he put my full name and date of birth and other personal information saying it’s a warning to my husband that he better watch his back. He did this to make me worry for him and call him and make sure he’s okay. But I didn’t fall for it. I text him and he’s of course denying it. I go no contact as much as possible but we’re still married and I’m terrified of filing for divorce because of how crazy he might act. He told me he’s never letting me go. I don’t know if I’m dealing with a narcissist anymore….. because don’t they leave you

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  1. They can’t handel if u let them go it makes it worse cause they can’t understand how you could walk away from them as they can not process rejection and abandonment. My ex said he didnt think he could let me go (while already in another relationship).

  2. I just went through all of this too. The suicide threats among so many other things. You must have a finial and safety exit plan. When you file for a divorce you can get a restraining order at the same time. I found a safe undisclosed place an hour away to live for a while as I didn’t want family and friends at risks. There are local organizations who can help with this…I’ve also used ARMS and completed a 15 week free abuse counselling program. You can get out of it but I had to plan it and break away from all ties because most people dont know or understand.

  3. Mine left me for someone he had an affair with while overseas and old enough to be his mother. He told me he was never going to leave me until he got me then he threatened divorce every month for 5 years. The threats have yet to end except now he’s is threatening me with our son who is 4 and suffering so much I am now having to take him to a child therapist for some help since I now has reason to believe his father is playing those kind games with him like he did with me.
    Good luck hun

  4. He is a bully. This is my experienc with a Narcissistic nut. You stand strong and tell him you have been waiting for that response and your have been ready for him. You have a Private investigator and know his everymove. Back off or suffer.

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