A narcissistic family

A narcissistic family

From a narcissistic family where there’s a golden child, a black sheep and the brother is a follower. My partner is the black sheep or ex rather, I have a 14 month old child with the man but his mother walked in and tried to take my daughter off me right out of my arms when I had done nothing wrong.

Amongst a lot of other things, making me sign a contract to be her and my partner’s father’s slave as they live on a 100 acre property and do nothing for themselves.  I already did absolutely everything anyway.  I mean everything, beds, toilets, cars, cooked, massaged their pains if they were and provided for all of them out of my own pocket. 😡  They put on the street 8 hours away from anyone I knew other than them and kept all my belongings so all my household furniture and everything.  They then stole $10,000 of my money I had saved in cash at their home never to be seen again.  I got parts of my belongings back though after 6 months of war.  Since all this has now turned my partner against me and it’s destroying our family although my ex has done a lot to hurt me also.  It’s been 8 weeks now and not getting much easier as I have our 14 month old daughter full time now.  Also I am staying at his aunt’s on her floor on a mattress and my child in her porta-cot? And I think I may be pregnant again?

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  1. I would suggest you locate your nearest women’s shelter and they should be able to give you some help finding direction. Good luck.

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