I am becoming bitter

I am becoming bitter

I was married for over 30 years when he decided to leave.

I have done a good job starting over, but it still hurts tremendously. I believe in getting married one time. I gave my marriage my all. I am still so hurt. I am becoming bitter and am afraid I will never be able to trust anyone again. Any suggestions?


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  1. I have a feeling that you are angry with yourself because you know your marriage was not a happy one and you stayed only to have him leave anyway. Forgive yourself. Don’t allow this man to destroy the rest of your life. Get some therapy to help you cope with your feelings. Join a “over 50” single womens group and go on some outings and meet new friends that are in the same situation as you. Do the things you always wanted to do but set aside because you were always taking care of “HIM”. Travel, do crafts, go to movies, take a class or two. LIVE YOUR LIFE! I wish you the best of luck and more happiness than you thought you could ever have.

  2. I agree with the above comment do get some counselling to cope.. years of abuse is not going to go away you need help on the hurt and not be angry and bitterness as it will make you ill not worth it n the long run for you..stay strong ..it was meant t be your journey ..dont punish yourself anymore..

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