How Do You Deal With A Psychopathic Boss?

How Do You Deal With A Psychopathic Boss?

A psychopath’s mask in work slipped and I finally realised this Boss was indeed a Psychopath. He was yelling, hurling abuse at me because I had presented a customer’s details of ┬áthe architectural plans of a plant the customer wanted to build, detailing all the equipment he will need to purchase from us, he the boss wanted to retain this info. This was in order to ‘sell a car without a steering wheel type,’ where the customer realises ooops I need to buy the wheel, then the customer is forced to pay extortionate prices. How does one effectively communicate with a psychopath boss in a work place? I am afraid of losing my cool and lashing out as this is the first time I have seen him since the outburst. I need advice on how to deal with my emotions on this issue. Please could you ask your readers for their experiences and advice?

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