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👄 We know that narcissists are pathological liars. What was the worst lie they ever told you? Before I went out with my ex-partner he told me, “I’m not a bad man, Anne.” I’m not sure if he was trying to convince himself or me but boy, was that a whopper!!

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  1. When I met my second husband,he told me his ex was crazy and his kids.He also said he hated drama.He truly is the king of drama,his kids are apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. I was with my ex 23 years. Throughout them he lied to me from day one. And I blame myself every day for my stupidity although I am 47 with 2 children by him.
      The first lie he told me was that he was never married before when he had been with 2 children.
      The second was that he was still married when he married me. But never registered ours as he would have committed bigamy if he had.
      I never knew until I tried to divorce him. He has since remarried. Why do people get away in life with these acts yeto move on Scott free. Without any remorse or regret.

  2. That she served in the Air Force in Iraq and was and still is working secret Black Ops for the US Government.

  3. I knew he was lying over and over again throughout the four years we were together, but rarely could I prove it. I had finally managed to get him out of my home, after lying yet again, but being caught red handed. His mom was dying at the time. About a month later, he contacted me, and I allowed myself to get sucked back in.

    When we reconnected he told me his mother had passed away. For the next two weeks he would visit, and tell me what a bachelor pad his dad’s house had become. Just his father, him and my ex’s son were staying there at that point.

    Imagine my surprise when two weeks in he gets a phonecall. I could hear the person on the other end, and it was his mom! I confronted him. He called me an evil c**t, and stormed out of my house.

    That’s the last time I laid eyes on him. Six months later, and he still tries to contact me, but I’ve managed to block him everyway I can. I don’t even care what he has to say at this point. What kind of person lies about the death of their mother???

  4. Probably the biggest one was when my husband told me he nearly died in a kayak trip in Scotland. There was no kayaking trip, no near death, he made it up to elicit sympathy and to distract me from the fact that he was in Scotland with his girlfriend for a week, rather than on one day layover in England for a trip he considered me too emotionally fragile to accompany him on.
    Or maybe it was when he told me a stock had finally paid off so he had money to pay off our cars and buy a new ATV which he immediately stripped down and upgraded entirely. Turns out the money was from the sale of gold coins his girlfriend stole from her family member. When the truth came out, we lost all our vehicles to that family member in restitution.
    I could go on but those are a few standouts. He’s not my husband anymore.

  5. My ex husband told me after 3 weeks of being together that he is sure he’s capable and ready for a healthy relationship. Red flag or what!!!!

  6. That he loved me. That was when I was finally leaving him just over two years ago. Till then he would never say it, just implied like everything else. 800 miles away and no contact after an 8 year relationship.

  7. I’m sorry. Its the biggest lie I’ve heard and boy have I heard some big ones.

    I have a teenager with Conduct Disorder who is a birthday away from an anti-social personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder diagnosis. Other than the I’m sorry lie was the lie that a family member was using her in a human trafficking ring. Doctors have told us that at this age there is no way to help unless it is something she wants. She doesn’t want it because she is never wrong.
    People say go no contact or walk away. You can’t do that when you are legally responsible until they are 18.

  8. Gee, I can’t decide if being told multiple times I was adopted was the whopper or if it was the 100 times I was told I was selfish.

    I know being told “you’re adopted” by a sibling when it’s a lie is supposed to be funny and a common mean thing a sibling says to get under a sibling’s skin. IT WORKED. Hahaha. So funny.

    Except, looking back, it’s the first of many, many times my narcissister has tried to ostracise me. There were a couple of times when I was little that she literally locked me out of the house and told me to go live somewhere else! Haha! Again, so “funny.”

    She is still doing it today. “You don’t belong here anymore.” “Get out,” “Drop off.” “Go away.” Except now her flying monkeys say it for her.

  9. The biggest lies are the ones invented about their character. Some Narcissists have everyone convinced they are a Saint. They also keep their enablers convinced for a long time. I was conned by a former Irish MEP who is still in a position to deceive. I worry about people who could be under their influence, both now and in the future.

  10. I have just returned from France where I had moved and given up everything to be with someone I adored and thought loved me. He told me that he had Leukaemia and five years to live. The whole Pathological Narcissist idea is all new to me but my partner ticks every single point on this site that indicates that someone is a Narcissist. He has destroyed all my confidence in myself and I am broken right now but I will fight back and be who I once was again

  11. While he was “working away” and I was at my home with a broken leg, that he had been admitted to hospital with an incurable disease and the specialist said there was no more they could do for him. I was totally devastated as I couldn’t even leave my house let alone get to the hospital several hours drive away. After having lost my late husband to cancer, this hit me extremely hard. The devastation was worsened when one of my loving messages to him was intercepted by the new woman who he had moved in with, telling me he wasn’t in hospital, never had been and the disease he was supposed to have was what her grandfather had died of. I had no idea of her existence but we befriended each other and compared notes to find he had been sleeping with us both while saying we each were the love of his life. The trouble is by then I was trauma bonded.

  12. That he would never cheat on me, and then I find out that he spent over $10,000 on young prostitutes for years. The most common lies that narcissists tell you are that they’re sorry and that they’re going to change.

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