Do narcissists ever leave their partners?

Do narcissists ever leave their partners?

I’m new to this.  Do narcissists ever leave their partners?   Not the other way around?   And if so, why?

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  1. They do! Usually to punish them for being so inferior. The trick is to not “save” them or take them back when they come back around.

  2. I’ve known my husband since we were eight and 10 years old .He always seemed to be the different one in the rest off us,but we been apart for many years,and now we married for two.hes been lock away for drugs for 4years,and alot of his anger from family and kids ,and people inside the system wrong him;know I’m no longer his savior. Six of the eight years of being together has been sheer hell on me and my only daughter that I still have to raise. He have children as well ,and I did everything to be a good step mother.i did things that I wouldn’t never let my own do under my roof;that include money loaning my car out to help .my children supported themselves .it was a problem for me to support my children with anything,as long it was supporting the fact of him it was fine. Now it seem he has a problem with my sixteen year old ,like he competing with a teenager for Attintion, he act worse than the average three year that can’t get what they want in the store,but megnic tube that with a super bipolar 47 year old walking emoting wreck. I don’t care about this ,I hate that, I don’t want to live ,I have nothing to live for ,my cildren is a disappointment to me ,I don’t have any love for know one ,and I don’t trust no one, they will have to kill me if I have to go back to prison. These are some of the hurting things he will say to me and my daughter, I tried to make it work he won’t get help,and I don’t knw what to do.

    1. Leave if you are able. Just leave him in the dust and ignore him. It takes a while, but the “peace and quiet” you will hear – will be worth it.

  3. No, I divorced him, then I ran from him. He went to my family and made them believe I was the bad one, so I lost my kids, my family. Then he started stalking me, going to the same places he knew I was at. He made visiting with anyone a nightmare, so my friends started asking to stay in and visit and not go out anymore. He frightened them. He went to my job and made a scene. I was told if I couldn’t control him I would be fired, they couldn’t have someone like me bringing trouble into the workplace. (this was office max by the way never shop there again please). He ruined my life. I am now living with him in another state because I had nothing when he was done. All I think about is suicide.

    1. – anonymous please don’t think about ending your life because of this awful man – you can fight & back get your kids back I did x

  4. I had a best friend who was a narcissist and she refused to ever leave. She would distance herself without verbal communication when SHE needed a break. She recently did a ton of hurtful things, blamed my being upset on genetics, learned behavior and emotional instability. She recently found a someone younger to groom and train who is very sick yet high energy. She feeds off both her sickness and her extreme health. She treated me in such a way where she was the good guy and when I broke it off with her she said “oh. Wow. Are you ok?? Are you SURE YOU want this??? I was looking forward to rebuilding a new healthy friendship.” It’s shocking to me how people get away with this and mask it so well.

    I had predicted weeks in advance she would abandon me and then make it out to be MY idea and MY fault. She became so transparent and you couldn’t call her out on any of it. She would say I was projecting and said “you’re the ONLY one who ever says this about me.” (Because she wore a mask to everyone else and claimed to be a truth teller). She ended up HAVING to get rid of me so she could start over New with someone else who was MORE sick and MORE naive. Now she has a new project. 🙂 proving herself to this girl and her famil and being a hero for saving this sick person.

  5. Yes. Over and over and over again. It is a form of punishment. Control. It causes fear of a repeat performance. Last time mine left, was the last time he will EVER leave me. Divorce will be final soon.

  6. Yes they do. Mine left me. For years I felt like he was unhappy with me, I felt i wasnt doing anything right, I worked endlessly to “make him happy”- and when I would ask him if I was a good wife, or if he was happy in our marriage he would say yes. Then one day he announced he didnt love me, he never did, and he wanted to leave. After a few weeks of trying to get an explanation he let it slip and said, “you going to counseling ruined our marriage”. What he meant was, “when you learned to speak up and confront my behavior, when you learned to have boundaries, and when you stopped doing everything and expecting mutual respect, I lost interest in keeping you strung along and found a new supply to believe I was the nicest guy in the world and that you are a crazy b!%#.”

  7. Yes. They love the discard. It is punishment and humiliation for someone who has figured them out or they have used up. Mine slowly planned it and spent years building up to it, including telling people close to us horrible things about me and stashing away money and planning with a lawyer. He already had several ladies to hook up with on the side.

  8. My husband’s ex wife is a full on narcisstic person. She left him, he changed the locks on the family home so she could not come back. Then all hell broke loose when he met me, She tried to take out AVOs to stop him seeing his kids. Stalked me ar my work, and told anyone that would listen how he was a violent alcoholic…so not true! We have been together for 20yrs now, married for 10 yrs. unfortunately his adult children have never spoken to him since the marriage breakup. Sad how evil and twisted some people are.

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