How do victims move on?

How do victims move on?

I know from what I have read that the narcissist often ends up alone and that gives me comfort.  What I would like to know is how do victims of the narcissist get over abuse and move on?  I feel like I can never trust anyone again.  I spend most of my time on my own or with a few good friends but as for a relationship with anyone, I don’t think I’ll ever go there again.

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  1. I’m working on these same issues.
    Moving on is a daily process. Forgiving yourself is a great way to start. Moving on comes from making healthy choices for yourself. Moving on comes from learning to trust yourself.

    Do not remain trapped obsessing about the past – you cannot change what has already happened. Do not over worry about the future. You cannot predict what tomorrow holds. Live and bloom in the present.

    Trust in yourself is the most important relationship to work toward. Trust in others comes with allowing yourself to take healthy risks in opening to those that are trustworthy. If mistakes happen – forgive yourself – learn – move on.

    It’s much like relearning to walk. You may stumble. It may hurt, but with practice, you will walk – and walk up tall proud.

    The power to mend all these things are already inside you. Relearn who you are deep down. Relearn to be your new best friend. Create who you want to be more of.


    1. I used to feel that I could never be in a relationship again but now I feel ready, I think I would be able to recognise the red flags and my boundaries are in now in place. I think you just get to a certain point when you know that you have to let it go and start focusing on you!!

  2. For me, it was realizing that it wasn’t others I didn’t think I could trust; it was myself. How could I ever trust that I would know if someone was bad for me? How could I trust myself to not tolerate being abused, when I had tolerated it for so long from another? It took therapy and a lot of hard work, but once i resolved my own issues, that fear went away.

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