How do I make her see that I’m sorry?

How do I make her see that I’m sorry?

My father is and always has been controlling and manipulative.  We have had our ups and downs over the years but I have kept him in my life because I don’t like to think that I’ve put up with all his bullshit for nothing.  (He’s got money and he knows it thinking he can buy people). He’s getting old now and bad as it sounds I hope he’s not around for much longer. I know that I copied his behaviour on occasions and I’m not proud about that but if I hadn’t gone along with his ostracising people, I too would have been given this sort of treatment.  I really liked one of his girlfriends who he discarded some years ago.  Unfortunately this was one of the times that I went along with his ghosting.  I’ve felt bad about it as she was always good to me.  I met her recently and tried to apologise for my part in this sick scenario but I was blanked.  She walked by me and acted like I wasn’t there.  I know some of you will say I deserved it but I had to go along with my father at the time.  How do I make her see that I’m sorry for the way he treated her and also for the part I played?

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  1. Explain to her about N and E abuse, how it affected you, how you’re now feeling for your wrong doings, but be mindful, SHE may just be done with you and your father.

  2. Why should she forgive you? You have to learn that your behaviour has consequences. So you say you put up with your father’s obnoxious behaviour because you want his money and you acted just like him. Shame on you! Where is your integrity? You deserved to be blanked. This woman has obviously realised how toxic you and your father are and is sending you a clear message…you are irrelevant.

  3. You can not make anyone forgive you. It is her choice to do so or not.

    Forgive yourself

    Learn from your past mistakes

    Move forward with these new lessons learned.

    Leave her alone.

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