His emotional scars will be tough to overcome

His emotional scars will be tough to overcome

Hello.. I just came across your page and find it all very fascinating and informative! I have found myself in a predicament with my boyfriend’s parents both being insane. Narcissists and him having a lot of signs as it too!  As he was raised in that terrible environment, so it’s learned behaviour… he seems willing to change as they just turned our whole world upside down by their antics and he has moved across country to try to make a life for us closer to my family and away from his, which I think is a good sign… any advice? As I think the emotional scars they have left him with over his 30 years on earth are going to be tough to overcome.  Most articles I’ve read suggest leaving but I’m not willing to do that as we have a child together and would love for him to recover from the abuse and have a healthy happy family with me and my daughter. Thanks

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  1. I think he may need to go to therapy to talk it out but it sounds likea good idea to stay together and have him learn new patterns for living which he will see in your family. Good that he is moving away fromthem!!

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