How can I help her?

How can I help her?

I’m not in the situation of a narcissistic person around me,  but someone very close to me is in a relationship, more of a slave to this man.  I have given advice and she sees the true colours,  but the problem is,  he has her in a financial hold. She doesn’t have money to just pack up and start over and the worst is he knows it. He is seriously destroying her bit by bit mentally,  he knows every button to push. And how to do it without anyone noticing it.  I’m divorced to one so I see a bullshitter from afar.  How can I help her until I have enough money to help her?  She lost so much weight due to stress and depression while he sits on his huge ass and orders her like a maid. Finding a problem no matter how small,  it’s killing me to see her like this and can’t help her at this moment.  I really need advice guys.

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  1. There is not much you can do for her, except be there when she needs you, there will come a time when she will realise that she can make it on her own without his money, but she has to do that on her own, no one else will make her realise that. You being there for her will help her through it, especially because you’ve been where she is, for me finding someone to talk to who understood was really hard as most people don’t realise just how bad mind games are.

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