Whilst in therapy he has become even more narcissistic

Whilst in therapy he has become even more narcissistic

Hello I’ve come across this site and subscribed. I am a victim of narcissistic abuse I am sure. I figured this about 2 years ago after spending years in turmoil with my husband. I ended up googling the things he did and EVERYTHING lead to narcissism. Anyway I would love to read more about a narcissist in therapy? I am divorcing my husband and he is in rehab for gambling. I believe the gambling is merely a symptom of his NPD. He does not see this. Anyway whilst in therapy he in my opinion has become even more narcissistic?! Is this possible? He now contacts me telling me how everything was my fault and his therapist believes I am co dependant on my mother. I have a close loving family but have always lived independently. He falls out with his family continually and cuts friends off too. He now wishes me to stop the divorce distance myself from family and friends and concentrate on us? He says if I change things HE will come back to ME? I am divorcing him?! He subjected me to years of emotional, physical, verbal abuse and pressured sex. He slept with a prostitute too. Unyet he and ALL the therapists in rehab believe it is because I am close to my family who I might add were very good and welcoming to him?! He even used to say he wished he had a family like mine?! Anyway my question is do therapists miss NPDs . He is very charming and I can imagine how he would come across in therapy. I had hoped for at least some accountability but he has turned it all on to me even more than usual?!

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