Her stories keep getting worse

Her stories keep getting worse

I know someone that is narcissistic. She is putting blame where she should not. She was found to have lied in court and now taking for the 4th time. Her stories keep getting worst as it goes. Now she’s involving children that love their dad very much. She keeps bashing him online. A court order states she is not to interfere with conversations between his children and she is all the time. She broke her PO last year and talked to him. All was good and she was laughing. She said sorry to him many times during conversation. We are going to court again for same accusation that he was found not guilty of. The courts here have no clue a judge already made his ruling on this as she did not give them papers. She says God made her do things. Hello? You are only responsible for your own actions now face them again. Poor kids, she fills their minds with untrue things. She has admitted to telling them things so she can put kids against him. This is not right. If she loves her children, she will stop. She told the kids that, if he does not stop trying to get 50/50 custody, she will have him charged and jailed. What sane person tells her kids that? What a mess.

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