People hurt me all the time

People hurt me all the time

Everyone in my life is a narcissists. I was told because my parents are that, that’s why I attract those people…. I still don’t understand. 😭😭😭

No one can make me understand why I deserve to be hurt. What is wrong with me. People hurt me all the time, but when I retaliate, I’m evil. They throw the mean things I’ve said back in my face, but I never do that to them. Then they remind me enough and I feel so guilty, I self mutilate. Then now I need help, medication, and I pushed them away and this is why people don’t deal with me.

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  1. You certainly do not “deserve” to be hurt. You are kind, and somehow allow people to treat you poorly. I have found myself in the same position and have literally cut almost everyone out of my life. I’m starting at ground zero and learning to find myself and love myself – and more importantly, learning to set boundaries and speak up for myself RIGHT AWAY. No one is going to take care of you – except for YOU. Find a good counselor to help you through this. There is also a book – even comes with a workbook! – that is a good read that may help you with your boundaries. Authors are Cloud & Townsend.

  2. You certainly never deserve to be hurt by anyone. I was in your position once, I found out that I was so used to being around narcissistic parents in my childhood , that it was the only relationship I knew. I actually was suspicious of genuine nice people in my school years etc because I was taught that they ‘wanted something from me’ so i’d always avoid them and befriend selfish types . Of course I also ended up marrying a Narc who isolated me and the cycle goes around again. The long & short of it is that 4 years ago my health suffered big big time and I was told by doctors that I needed to accept help both physically & mentally. Like Renae I needed to start at ground zero. It was lonely at first , I only had one person who I could talk with , I read lots about Narcissism , joined all types of groups eg meditation , even went to Al Anon (not for alcoholism but co-dependency) , joined a group for survivors of abuse, these things kept me going and slowly I started to meet genuine nice people and I slowly began to trust. To this day I only have a small inner circle of trusted friends but I know that its a slow journey and quality counts more than quantity. I’m learning to trust my own instincts.
    Hang in there, it can happen for you too.
    You need to look at your garden, identify and separate the toxic weeds from the flowers , if you can’t find any flowers like me, then plant your seeds and quietly seek out ways to nurture them. (Professional counsellors & groups are good places to start). Stay strong, sending you lots of healing and renewing energy.

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