He ruined me and broke me

He ruined me and broke me

Looking for any help. He ruined me and broke me resulting in me giving him full custody of our son almost 2 years ago. I haven’t seen my son since. If you can provide any insight on this kind of situation or have any direction to point me in, I would greatly appreciate it. He of course put a LOT of time and effort into it resulting in my decision. I have 13 years of documentation of honestly unbeleivable things he has done…well not so unbeleivable after recently coming across narcissistic abuse.

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  1. Oh my. Well, first of all, I send you love and warmth for your thawing heart. Sounds like you were pushed into the barely surviving mode. Well, you’re out of it. Kudos for what you’ve done so far. Do you have a therapist? I would strongly suggest you have one to help you navigate these changing waters. I would suggest keeping a journal of thoughts about your son, feelings for him, with a date on each entry. There will come a time when it will be appropriate to share that with him, and he will know he was always on your mind and in your heart.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I have to do some more research on therapists because I believe that with the severity that I was affected and still am being affected that, with what I have learned in the last 24 hours, is that it would be in my best interest to try to find someone who speacializes in this specific kind of abuse. My head is spinning. I just really hope and pray that my innocent son is not doomed to a future of the affects of all of this because I too also was a child of abuse that makes me question my entire sense of self anything.

  2. Please respond to my reply. I never thought I’d find any Mother in my same situation. My Ex has always been extremely controlling and narcissistic! He “tricked” me into saying he “dropped” the custody hearing when my children were 2 and 5! Since that time, I had a good lawyer, gained a lot of visitation, and things have improved! It’s very important to keep any and all conversations, texts, etc in writing, and verbatim, if possible! You need an excellent lawyer; one who will fight for you, no matter what! That is important! I hope you can afford one! I can give you many more details, so please feel free to respond! Much love going out to you!

  3. Hello. You are not alone. I work extra hours, take on extra work, and have a second job to pay for my attorney.
    My abuser has my son, has had him for three years abusing him. I am still fighting. Do not give up! The child needs you. Children should not be placed with Narcissistic Parents.

    Get some consultations scheduled with attorneys. Ask them how to improve your situation. Fight, bit by bit, and before long you will have a foothold. Brace yourself, you need to be non reactive to the other parent. Ignore everything he hurls your way. They thrive on reactions and it will make you look bad.
    Get a second or third job, cut back on everything, go into survival mode and save every penny you can for this battle. Good luck and don’t quit!

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