Has anyone dealt with this kind of circus?

Has anyone dealt with this kind of circus?

I had an abusive husband for almost 5 years and we had a child together. And he would do shit to make everything my fault or the kids’ fault. Nothing was ever his fault, of course. Until the abuse turned physical and punched me in the face and then beat me while I was down. In front of our baby and my older son heard the fight and phoned the county police. Well it took me time to get on my feet to make sure my kids were okay and we could live on our own. And i did finally! Then I started seeing my high school sweetheart and he was just coming or starting the start of his separation. My divorce was quick and my boyfriends was not. Almost 3 yrs. And we went through some crap with that with him just trying to get his equal time with his daughter. She is a complete mental case. And me and the boyfriend became engaged and we were set for his final court hearing for his final hearing. And we set our wedding date. And with doing this. His ex-wife must have contacted my crazy ex-husband on wonderful Facebook. We got married and thought we would finally be free of all the constant crap. Nope she went even lower to date my ex-husband, even after seeing police reports and knowing how he is. I guess a pay check is more important to her.

My thing is I have 2 psychos feeding into each other and my ex hasn’t seen his baby in 17 months and now in the same town. Probably even across the street from us at her parents’ house and doesn’t even ask for his son. But has anyone dealt with this kind of circus in their life? She has found a way to keep the abuser at arm’s length and she is just as bad to my ex.

We just want our kids to be okay and they aren’t! And everyone that knows this thinks this is so weird and just really messed up.

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  1. Honey, the whole thing is weird and messed up. If our ex hasn’t seen his child in 17 months why in hell are you complaining? Do you WANT to interact with a violent, sick, personality disordered man? Do you WANT your child living through HELL of going back and forth? Be grateful for the peace and quiet. As far as just wanting your children to be ok – accept that NOTHING in this situation is normal, healthy or remotely “okay” and get professional counseling for them as soon as possible.

  2. Keep driving hun and don’t look back, get your kids safe again n focus on loving your kids and yourself… I left after 15 years with a man like yours, we had children together, but I stayed far too long n then had to run for my life… Don’t risk it..

  3. Yes, our son n law went so low as to make up lies about our grandsons that aren’t his kids, he’s the narcissistic step father, anyway he would tell lies about them to have permission from our daughter where he could beat them, they are 17 and 18 now, and so hurt and angry, and he now threatens to hurt them if they turn him in, he’s been doing these childish things to them most of their childhood, and he’s been bullying them since they were toddlers, he’s so immature, and a control freak. Feel bad for any child that is exposed to a narcissist, very cruel person, should never be around children.

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