Empathy…  A Rare Gift

Empathy…  A Rare Gift

Some may see it as a gift, to love from the heart with a love that runs deeper than the lowest abyss of the ocean but that kind of love is open to the deepest of hurt.  When you have got that extra special gift inside of you, you leave yourself open to the most unimaginable pain. When you can love someone so much and the love you give out is thrown back, the betrayal cuts more than words can ever express.  That’s the kind of love that only ‘special’ people can fathom.  If you are that sort of person, well, you’re rare in this cruel world we live in today.  This is the sort of world where people just seem to want to use and abuse and not really give a damn who they hurt as long as they get what they want.  Sometimes this world seems so alien to people like this and it is, but would you have it any other way?  Would you really want to have a cold heart?  Would you swap your caring heart for one of stone, so cold that it can never experience a loving meaningful relationship of any kind.


You’ve got a gift that those cold hearted people envy.  Yes, they’re jealous of you.  You have got something they want but can never have.  You’re sensitive, you’re kind and you understand.  That’s something to be proud of because that’s something that this world needs more of.  Your shoulders are strong.  You’re there if someone wants a shoulder to lean on.   You’re there if someone needs your compassion, your understanding and above all, your strong sense of loyalty.  Yes, that’s another rare quality in this world today so don’t you ever doubt yourself.  You’ve got that something about you that makes you the person others turn to when they need support, when they need to unburden themselves with their troubles.  And being the person you are, you never fail to deliver.  That’s what makes you a cut above the rest.

Being an empathetic person can sometimes be a lonely place.  Because of your kind and forgiving nature, toxic people may see you as an easy target, someone who they can manipulate and who will forgive them time and time again.  You want to help others even when they have shown a dark side of their character, even when they have hurt you to your very core.  You feel you can fix those disordered souls who must have been so damaged that they can’t feel the love that you are so willing to give.  Oh, my friends, you can’t.   No matter how much you try, they’re not going to get it.  They’re not like you and they never will be.  They’ve not got what you’ve got.  Within the husk that was once their soul, lies a void that can never be filled.   Compassion, empathy and love are words that they will read about but will never fully understand.  Their emotions are stunted.  They’ve got stuck somewhere in their childhood and will never develop into the mature feelings that you have been blessed with.  Yes, sometimes it hurts like hell to be so caring, to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel their pain but that makes you who you are.  You’ve got a heart of gold.  By all means, be forgiving, but to a point.  Some of us give too many chances but we’ve got to know when  enough is enough, when to draw the line and when that line is drawn, make sure that it can never be crossed.

Your kindness may be a magnet for people who will take advantage of that very quality that they don’t possess.  Don’t let your gift be your downfall by giving your everything to those who don’t deserve or appreciate it.

Written by Anne McCrea
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4 thoughts on “Empathy…  A Rare Gift

  1. Woah! You ‘nail it’ here, Anne. I find it hard to hear and that’s a good thing for me 😉 Thank You!

  2. awesome and inspiring…I am an impath for sure 🙂 and I live 40 feet from my brother who after all these years I have to admit as much as I hate too that he is narcissistic…I always want to take full responsibility…for the whole relationship…which he tells me “I need to learn that I am the problem”…I am now trying to stay out of his path…hard when we live 40 feet from each other…and same small community, same church, same friends…and his wife is manipulative…I am not sure what forgiveness looks like but to stay out of his path…he is always telling me how to live my life in a HATEFUL mean way… I love this site. It keeps me moving …thank you

  3. Yes this is exactly me to a t.. Always letting family members trash my kindness and bully and manipulate me into doing what they want…… Especially my mother but I always get drawn in and then realise I have let it happen again. I need to be more selfish and put myself first from now on and forever more…. Only have the people in my life who love me for who I am and not what I can give them. Onwards and upwards.

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