Do female narcissists end relationships abruptly?

Do female narcissists end relationships abruptly?

Hi there. Would a female narcissist (my ex) end a relationship abruptly?  She also withheld my belongings until I paid her a ransom in money!

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  1. Mine did, never saw it coming. Went from the love of her life to trash in two weeks. She moved in with a woman we met at a party two weeks before. Who does that?

    We were not fighting, I had no clues. I blamed the new woman- little did I know that she would end up doing the exact same thing to her 2 years later. The other woman is now one of my dearest friend. She is the only one who can understand how this POS works.

  2. Yes! It is the triangulation. They were grooming the other person behind your back. So, if either of you ended the relationship, they would have a backup to feed their narcassism. Just remember, you are not the bad person!

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