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👄 Did your narcissistic partner or spouse manage to turn your children against you by blaming you for being manipulative, lying etc.? If so, how did you deal with this?

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  1. My ex wife has done this repeatedly. Currently it’s so bad there is no contact with my son. She also blames my wife and other children for her behavior.

  2. My ex turned all 3 of my stepchildren against me. The last straw was a week ago when his middle child started talking to me like he does. I now refuse to have contact with him. I miss the kids but he’s gaslighted me so much I couldn’t handle it anymore.

  3. My ex partner has just done this .
    He abused both my son and I 18 years ago !
    He tried getting sole custody of my son but the judge seen right through him so a court order was put on him and he wasn’t allowed near me or my son. My son is now 18 got in contact with his dad and now stays with him! My son has deleted me and the rest of my family from his life and pretends we don’t exist. I’ve tried seeking advice but there is nothing I can do ! Even though he was charged because of his controlling behaviour before!
    I just feel broken and helpless but I’m determined im not going to let him win !

  4. My story is very similar. We all have to be strong and not give in. I believe that people we will through their true colors in the end. I am sure our children will. When children are involved I feel it is just unbearable pain. It all is. Stay strong everyone. These are not normal people. They are seriously ill.

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