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  1. To stay far away and don’t believe his lies. I see him already manipulating you and I feel sorry for you. I tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen.

  2. Why do people always assume that the next person will end up just as badly? Sometimes they live happily ever again and that’s reality.

    Our own experiences must not be validated by what happen to the next person. We know what we have been through and that’s enough. Whether they end up in the doghouse or live in fairyland – none of my business. I’m bigger n stronger than having the need to curse them or wish them ill in order to live in peace and happiness.

  3. It will be absolutely wonderful for the first six months or so, then his true personality will slowly start showing. When that happens, get out before he makes it nearly impossible to leave. He will try to make you feel guilty about so many things and when you actually dare to stand up for yourself, then it is YOU that is the troublemaker. I would love to be there for you when things get bad.

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