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  1. To stay far away and don’t believe his lies. I see him already manipulating you and I feel sorry for you. I tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen.

  2. Why do people always assume that the next person will end up just as badly? Sometimes they live happily ever again and that’s reality.

    Our own experiences must not be validated by what happen to the next person. We know what we have been through and that’s enough. Whether they end up in the doghouse or live in fairyland – none of my business. I’m bigger n stronger than having the need to curse them or wish them ill in order to live in peace and happiness.

  3. It will be absolutely wonderful for the first six months or so, then his true personality will slowly start showing. When that happens, get out before he makes it nearly impossible to leave. He will try to make you feel guilty about so many things and when you actually dare to stand up for yourself, then it is YOU that is the troublemaker. I would love to be there for you when things get bad.

    1. Iamstrongerthanyouthink, this is so true! I spent 5 years with him, and I knew that we would not grow old together, my gut just kept reminding me and I ignored it. But my dad got sick and I thought I needed his help and he loved being needed. Then my dad died last year and I started backing off with him and not tolerating the way he would twist everything to blame me. In January my son got out of the Marines and he didn’t feel comfortable staying over the house and I knew this was my way out. He then started reminding me that I said I needed my time alone, which I do in order to be able to think clearly and sort my life out. We had an argument at the end of March and I did not hear from him, nor did I contact him for about 4 weeks. My gut was telling me that he had moved on. One nigh, my friends were out watching a sports game and he was at the table, & then he quietly said to a girl at the table “I will see you at home”. I was standing and almost fell over and the table went silent. He was drunk that he really didn’t whisper. I calmly confronted him when he came back from the men’s room & and send this is the way you’re going to end five years? And he spewed the lies and blame on me, one thing struck me when he said something about settling my dad’s estate, and then he went down to a much lesser person. I knew I would not take them back anyway, so I taken the high road which is much harder and less rewarding. I’ve learned so much about myself from many helpful people, and now I’m moving forward with life and not allowing space in my brain 4 people like this. Why waste 1 precious minute on a narcissist person, it’s just not worth the energy and emotions.

  4. None. I feel sorry for her. He sickens me, and were it not for the kids, I would have already moved as far away as possible.

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