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  1. We had to let go of a narcissistic brother in law.. Jealousy,gossip and abuse. We made a big mistake firgiving him after 30years. After ten years of abuse and running diwn my house, car, and son who is fully qualified in his job. He wasn’t and ran down his own nephew too.he ran down my father as well he tax evades, lives off his wife. Pleased we got rid of him. Threatened to pot him and then he started gossiping about us. We both had cancer sl don’t need his nastiness.

  2. I’m sorry about your pain, I have a guy who has not let go from 20 years ago. He has stalked me harassed me emotionally abused me behind my back gossip about me saying things are not true. He gets my photos posted on his social media calls me all kinds of names tells people that I’m bad news. He drew the last straw with me he went on some people search saw my name and start putting bad things about me on there had that deleted then he started another one under my name still saying bad things about me . Now I’m taking him to court for stalking me.. I have a non-contact order then he turns around and does the same thing to me he’s crazy and dangerous .

  3. What’s the best decision I ever made regarding the last narcissist in my life?… Asking them to move out from my house, took me five years to realise exactly what I was dealing with and felt like edging towards breakdown by that point, then a further five years to come out of emotional lock down and begin to feel things again. What a waste of time in relation to one human being who has absolutely no feeling or respect for their fellow man. Am absolutely convinced they treat all around them in the same manner. Am so angry but more than that I want to recover fully to the balance I had before and then continue growing and contributing in a positive way, life is way way way too short.

  4. go No Contact! Read as much as possible about the abuse and the narcissist, so I could quit thinking it was me that was the problem. I finally have words for what he did to me for 14 years and the way he made me feel.

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