A friend in a toxic relationship

A friend in a toxic relationship

I have a friend that is in a very toxic relationship. I have gotten her to compare the check lists to her partner and she is amazed they describe her to a “t”.  She is very busy and doesn’t have the patience to read all the  articles that explain how why and what to do. We made some major progress before Christmas and  She even had stood her  ground and asked her partner to move out and she did. Right before Christmas just days her partner asked to come grab some things, and that she did but she never left she moved herself right back in like nothing. There is a group if girls we are here for her but right now she doesn’t want to hear it from us. We’ve tried to say she had that planned and she has pulled away we are not allowed to visit and when she visits she us constantly looking for her to stop and cause a scene and she does. Can some one give me a short description how a narcissist know how to  move back in. They don’t want anyone else around. And don’t know how to  love this is a game and she is letting her win she says she doesn’t want us over because she just doesn’t want to hear her scream and doesn’t want to argue. She doesn’t think her partner is that calculating. Anything Short and sweet no big fancy words. Just simple.  Something that will help her recognize her partner is dangerous. Thank you all for  y’alls help.

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