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👄 Do you think the narcissist knows they are a narcissist? I have no doubt that they know what they are doing is wrong but simply don’t care. What do you think?

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    1. Andrea I agree 100%, my ex was the poor sad victim and everything that ever went wrong in his life was everyone (usually) my fault or my (not his) daughters fault. Or his moms… freaking ridiculous sad sacks of shit. Even thinking about how he used to play that victim card after hurling cruel insults, pisses me off now.

    2. I don’t think they give a shit about anyone else’s feelings but their own and what they can get from people. They project their behavior on to others, twist shit around, lie so much about stuff they get confused about what they lied about and the stories change. I recently made the move and ended it with my 14 year narc. Hardest thing I’ve ever done but after 2 fake marriage proposals, tons of other women and all the lies and deceit, I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s either I live my life or his life, I chose mine. I’m still very weak when it comes to him and I’m working on no contact, it’s just extremely difficult.

  1. The one I dated does. To me what was infuriating is her two-sided nature. We met dancing and she introduced my to Country Line Dancing that she been going to for years. Everyone she introduced me to she exclaimed was her “bestie”, “Dance Family” and would give them a big hug, sweet as pie, but on the way home she talked smack about them to depths that got me physically ill. She didn’t care at all about them and she knew it. The next day I left her but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  2. Yes they know what they are doing. If they didn’t they would act evil even while out in public. Mine only acted evil to me in private.

  3. No they think they are above all that, there’s nothing wrong with them, we are the crazy ones. And it’s all our fault.

  4. I dont think they realise the extent of the damage they do so they don’t think what they do is bad. I think they see themselves as victims and whatever they do, they do it because they have “no choice” because boo-hoo poor them… i really don’t think they are like “I’m a narcissist and I ruin peoples’ lives with the shitty things I do do”. They are clueless. Trying to explain to them is pointless because they feel like the victim all the time so they think you are attacking them when all you are trying to do is set up a boundary and refuse to be treated like shit. They think that by doing that your are treating them like shit… and the rage begins.

  5. Mine does not see themselves as a narcissist but is fully aware of their manipulative behaviour. And they claim they are the victim rather than seeing it as a result of their selfish, insecure and hypocritical personality.

  6. Empty lost souls with no capability for love..
    They only think and care about themselves..and their own want needs supply.

  7. I believe that many may have an idea or know but prefer to remain in denial as its in their best intrest to do so. Im left with this conclussion as i will say when you…… it does…. and he will INCREASE how often he does it, be it to me or our 1 year old son. If something embarrasses me he’ll pick at it until it no longer phases me then he’ll latch onto a new one, and so contiues the cycle. I prefer to leave him thinking little stupid shit affects me as to avoid him getting more creative in his torture. Each day i live and learn from this expirience in hopes i can help or be a beakon of light to others

  8. I don’t think they care. Mine told me I cared about people (my team at work in particular) too much. He used to become so impatient and full of disdain if I was helpful to anyone (someone elderly for example) when we were out. No empathy or compassion. Empty.

  9. At first I wanted to believe He knew he had this disease, at least he would learn to say sorry and eny talking awful about ne or people .
    The more I began to understand this mental handicap, I define his unawareness as him not understanding but I so believe he knows . Even though I’ve called him out and have asked him to spend time studying &researching .
    I went to his church today … and I heard this preacher speaking on everything I’ve been trying to tell the kids dad about life and it’s brokenness. .. the reasons why life may not be so happy .
    I pray that His life will find that joy that way I have because I cannot allow him to ever distort or break me anymore .
    The best is supporting them when they ask , but keeping distance.

  10. Lack of self-awareness is a hallmark trait of narcissists. My personal experience is with my sister, it’s been many years and now, I finally saw the signs of her being a narcissist. I found out that the best thing to do on how we can deal with them is ‘indifference’.

  11. My psycho-narc knew what she was doing and hid it extremely well (which I see as premeditation ) But did not care one iota. I believe she hovered back into my life using the loss of her own daughter ( she knew I lost a stepdaughter) as an emotiona/empathy leverage point. Then set out to destroy me.
    She was so ‘insulted’ that I called her out on her shit … the name calling flew like a flock of birds. Sick creature she was and spent years married to a psychopath worse and more skilled than herself and her daughter paid the ultimate price. So glad to be rid of all of it. I have learned so much and the knowledge has helped immensely

  12. I personally feel that narcissistic people have a sense of awareness about their behaviours and what they are doing, this is due to the fact they are able to switch moods towards particular individuals or situations. I became more aware about this fact when I would challenge my ex narcissist during one of his manipulation tactics, story twisting and aggressive behaviour outbursts, to which he would stop and respond with silence. The problem with this system is eventually they will find ways to punish you for challenging their behaviour or beliefs and ultimately overpower the challenge brought against them. A narcissist will use different forms of abuse to try to fulfill their needs, from my understanding a perpetrator of abuse has awareness about what they are doing.

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