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👄 A child of a narcissist parent may grow up with feelings of low self esteem, feelings of never being good enough. How did your narcissistic parent affect how you feel about yourself?

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  1. I was never learned about healthy self esteem growing up. My mother was always the victim, and she has poor self esteem…and when ever my feelings were hurt or I felt bad I was offered food to make it better. So i turned to food for comfort. For many years it was my only happiness until I balooned to 136kilos in my early 20s as I still lived at home and was so misserable. Self esteem wasn’t even a concept in our household.
    I have been out of that house for just over 5 years now.. and it is takimg forever to fix my self esteem as I am trying to learn coping strategies thst don’t involve food… because of my low self esteem my romantic life was nonexistent untill i lost some weight in my mid 20s, randomly dated for a year met a wonderful man and moved in with him. We have been together 5 years now, just got married this past summer. In the last 5 years i have gained weight because i still didnt know how to self soothe without food… and my relstionship with my mother was deteriorating and i was stressed out. My professional life has suffere immensly because of the low self esteem. I am so scared to screw up, I am constantly feelimg inadiquate and anxious, I dont take risks. I feel like an imposter even though I know I am not. I am havimg the hardest time building a career. Low self esteem sucks so much. And she wonders why am I so angry, what she did that was so wrong…ugh

  2. I escaped a narcissistic mother by marrying a narcissistic man. I didn’t know it at the time and thankfully with the 2 of them in my life fighting for control of me I erupted in anger and went into counseling. I kept getting pulled in one direction or another until I went to a Tony Robbins UPW weekend where I made a decision to be in charge of my own life. It was easy to get rid of the husband, I say easy because after a couple of years he found someone else to control but how do you get rid or learn to deal with a narcissistic mother. It’s taken me another 20 years to understand I cannot ever have her in my life. Sad as that is for me and my kids we are all much happier now that we have hoped off that merry go round. Good luck, it’s a constant struggle when it’s family.

  3. My narc mother had a devastating impact on my life. She is a complete slut and set a terrible example. She lied constantly in front of m e and to me. She was violent. She thinks she is perfect and claims everything is my fault and I am imagining it all, A typical tactic of abusers known as gaslighting.
    I can’t speak further for legal reasons.. Yeah.. Says it all.

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