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  1. If I had known earlier the reason why my family treated me the way they did, I would have disconnected. It would have been such a relief to be free from such ridicule. I kept going back for acceptance that was never possible. I hope others know sooner than I.

  2. I would tell my younger self: You’re not worthless, you are not crazy, you add value to life. In the end, it’s them who will end up alone, not you. Keep believing in yourself even when they try to tear you down. Have faith in yourself because you will make something of yourself and you’ll make people proud.

  3. Where do I start. I would tell myself: Don’t date J in high school. Keep walking and don’t look back. Don’t allow anyone to be abusive to you. If they are – drop them immediately. That would have taken care of my 20’s and 30’s…all squandered by 2 Narcs.

  4. I would tell myself that people are who they are, and that they won’t change no matter what you do. So, in all that effort to make life better for someone else, you lose so much of your own life, your own joy, your own self, and end up wasted. You are worth being loved, cared for, respected, and accepted for who you are and not who people expect you to be. If something doesn’t feel right, have the courage to take a stand, otherwise your life will be stolen from you by someone who doesn’t are about anyone but themselves.

  5. I’m an empath, a people pleaser, a fixer. If I could go back and tell myself none of that would help and only make things worse for me, I could have saved myself a lot of grief.

  6. I would have to go back 40 years. I had zero way of knowing how mean people can be. I had no way of gaining that knowledge. The advice would be don’t get serious about any of those clowns. Loneliness is so hard with so much in life that needs more heads to sort it out. I was naive and got played. An innocent loving heart.

  7. I would tell my younger self to study as hard as I can… and apply to college across the country or accross the world to GTFO of that house ASAP and not be stuck at home and codependant until 27.

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