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  1. I pray for you! Educate yourself on Narcissism. Put back a little money at a time and don’t tell anyone. And stay close to a friend or family member no matter what because you’re going to need them. Actions speak louder than words so observe what he does. Don’t look back when you decide the first time to leave, it only gets worse. And lastly, I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it did me.

  2. Run. Like. Hell. His initials are B. M. That pretty much sums up what he is. And his adult narcissistic “kids” too.

  3. The best advice I learned from these articles is NO CONTACT. I just repeat it over and over when I start feeling guilty for cutting off all contact. I can’t believe I’m a survivor. It took me 59 years to break away from my older sister. I get sad when I think about how different things could have been, but who cares! I’m so proud of myself for cutting all communication. She handed me the scissors. Now I realize I had 59 years worth of scissors that I could have used a long time ago. But now I am free!

  4. He is not what you see in him, now. He has dumped other women before me. The mask will come off and he will let you down. He has always being like that!

  5. Listen to your own inner voice. Gradually spend less time with them. Being around them constantly makes it easy to have cognitive dissonance and sort of deny to ourselves what they are actually doing.

  6. I would tell my ex’s new Beau the same thing that her mother told me when we first met, ‘ you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into’.

  7. You knew we were married yet you chose to flatter him and he loved the admiration and you carried on your secret affair for 6 years while I was abused.
    He’s all yours now sweetheart and I couldn’t be happier for you both.

    1. Wow, Amen to that!! You reap what you sow!! I am away from it now and I want all those years of life back, but can only move forward!!

  8. You lived my life I see! I am free of it now much to his dissatisfaction, still plants his digs when he can. Won’t take all his stuff out of my house because it annoys me, I’m hiring a mover and they are delivering it to him!! He is all yours now sweetheart, and all his expensive stuff too!

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